February 15, 2008

Another Zoo Excursion

Hi everyone. Lara and I just got back from a thrilling trip to the Zoo. One of the frustrating things about winter is there's just not enough to do to keep a 2 year old occupied, so we were desperate to take advantage of the relative warmth of today's high of 48. However, Lara tends to nap until about 3, and the Zoo 'closes' at 4 (I use the term loosely because, like much in Philly, they're not too precise, and so last time we watched them trying to entice the tigers into their cages at around 4:20). It's now become routine to zip to the Zoo at around 3:30, race through either the big cats or the "Wep-tio's" [reptiles] and then take advantage of the animals they leave out.

Here's Lara strolling through the Zoo (she doesn't appreciate the need for speed):
Zoo 002

Last time we did this, Lara found a new favorite; the "Woot-hog statue" [warthog]. Here's what she said upon spotting it (without a break for a breath):
"Come on daddy come on let's see the woot-hog statue come on let's do that let's touch it it's like a piggy let's touch it it's got big nostrils it's got snot in it oh no a sneeze is coming something's happening! Hi woot-hog, there you go!"

Zoo 004

Finally, here's Lara waving at some of the animals that stay out well past 'closing' time. Thank goodness for arctic beasts.

Zoo 001

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mwg said...

I was a little bit late with the comment - another great Lara-story! Keep them coming :)