February 7, 2008

Finished quilt top!

Check it out! This only took freakin' forever.

Finished top of "Blue Squares" quilt

I'm trying to figure out what pattern to quilt it in, considering I've a) never done it before, and b) don't have a top-tier machine, and c) can't imagine what it will look like with the different quilting options. I'm leaning to just doing long parallel lines down the length of it about 3 inches apart. What do you all think? If anyone is a quilter out there - how do you determine the quilting pattern?

Also, check out my continuing foray into shorter and shorter hair (all still self-cut - yay!). I'm totally into it. I might go shorter still.

Oh, and did I mention that we finally taught Lara to write? It wasn't too hard - just a few afternoons. Here she is about to spell out "Mommy."

Oh, fine, fine. Obviously, I'm just kidding. Spoil-sports.


Mama Monster said...

I've gone totally short, too. I love the carefreeness of it. Grab the clippers and shear yourself!

Anonymous said...

your quilt looks so floaty. fab use of whitespace

Jessie said...

I really let the top decide how it wants to be quilting. Sometimes, I'll echo the fabric used (for one that used a lot of floral toile and rose patterned fabric, I did an all over rose pattern - for a curvy pieced quilt, I did all over swirls). I think the best (and easiest!) would be to "quilt in the ditch" around your blocks and squares. It'll highlight the pattern you've chosen and won't distract.

(BTW, I've been reading your blog awhile, and I really enjoy it!).

Amy said...

Anna, the quilt is amazing. I love the colors and the pattern. When I finally give quilting a go, I am taking you to the fabric store with me.

And I like the short cut. My old yoga teacher had a similar style and she is simply the sexiest woman alive.

sherrieg said...

Wow! The quilt is terrific! My bed is envious. :)

mwg said...

Loved the haircut! Loved the quilt. I just read all the comments and really liked jessie's idea of stitching around the squares (but maybe that's what you also had in mind, anyway) - to accentuate the beautiful choice of colors and patterns.