February 9, 2008

Birthday Crown for Gus

Tomorrow we are going to a birthday party for super-cutie-pie Gus! I'm so excited. I love seeing Amy and Jonathan, and I cannot believe how old baby Theo is already! Check out their fun blog: 2042 Boys. So what's for the birthday boy? I figured he probably had most things a two year old might want - and seriously, what present is going to compare with that shiny red trike? But you know what I bet he doesn't have yet?

Crown for Gus

A birthday crown. I don't know - Lara loves all manner of hat-type things... Don't all kids?

Made out of felt, with felt appliques, and stitched on tourmaline beads. Velcro closure in the back. Scepter and absolute power not included.

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adrienne said...


...and 2-year-olds are tyrants enough without the gift of absolute power. Wise decision to withhold it for the time being.