February 11, 2008

Airport surprise

There is at least one really great thing about how terrible airline travel has gotten recently: people will sometimes end up in the unlikeliest of destinations. To wit: this weekend, I got to see my dad for fifteen minutes when his flight was misbooked and he ended up with a connection here in Philly!

We hopped in the car as soon as he called - the airport is fifteen minutes away from us - and Lara was quite excited to go see "grandma grandpa michael in the airport to go on the airplane!" Too bad once we actually met him she got totally shy (we haven't seen Dad since last summer) and refused to even peel herself off of my shoulder. I snapped this pic quickly as she was crawling off the airport chair to get picked back up. Still, yay for the crazy airlines!

Not really related, but... I've decided that with the new quilt should come a whole bed overhaul. We sleep under two blankets because I'm a warmoholic, but this is what our second blanket has looked like for the last 5 years. Misha had this thing when he was in high school. It was really quite delightfully soft (flannel!) and had a nice heft - but seriously, how ugly is this? Check out the artistic rip in the middle.

Browsing through Joann's I found this beautiful, supersoft flannel and recovered the blanket.

I basically just sewed the new material into an envelope and put the old comforter right in there. Then I used a quilt-tying technique to make knots every six inches every which way to hold it together. Here is a close-up of one of the ties:

We slept under it yesterday. It's awesome.

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mwg said...

I like the soothing colors of the new cover - very pretty.