January 26, 2008



In the mall, pointing at people walking by:

"That's not Daddy, that's a man. That's not Mommy, that's a man. That's not Lara, that's a man."


In a restaurant, after Misha and I can't decide on a dessert to get:

Misha: Let's ask Lara! Do you want chocolate cake or strawberry cake?

Lara: Stawberry cake!

Anna: Oh, good, good answer.

Misha: Hmm... Let's reformulate the questions. Do you want strawberry cake or chocolate cake?

Lara: Big piece of chocolate cake pweeze!


Marker fingers:


In the car on the way back from the mall:

Misha: Let's sing the ABC song!

Lara: (singing) A, B, C... No, sing rhinosus song!

Misha: Oh, I don't know the rhinoceros song - why don't you sing it?

Lara: (singing) Rhinosus, rhinosus. Lion, lion. Rhinosus, lion, rhinosus, lion.


Pulling Misha's pants along by the belt while saying, "Come! Come!" Do you think she wants a dog?


mwg said...

:) - the little composer (or it it lyricist?). Lare looks great in this cute T-shirt...

Vanessa said...

She most definitely wants a dog! I love it. :)