January 27, 2008

New Things

New thing #1: A new hat - or rather, an old sweater that was reworked into a hat that was too small, now again reworked into a new and better hat!

Purple button hat

Lara loves the braids on the ear flaps and just continuously plays with them unless they are tied together. When in action, the new hat is kind of bonnet-like. I love it.

Purple button hat

New thing #2: this one was quite tricky to put together, even with Lara's help.

January 27 - 1

Did you guess what it was? Lara was quite excited to ride her very own new...

January 27 - 2

...tricycle! We took it into the hallway, and Misha tried to teach her to pedal. "No, Daddy, need shoes to pedal!"


mwg said...

Loved it, loved it, loved it! The hat is absolutely adorable - she looks so cute in it. I am also happy about the tricycle - I know she wanted it so much - happy riding!

Kari said...

SO cute! My 2 year old is all about pedaling, but doesn't want to steer!