December 17, 2007

Some random tidbits

A collage portrait of Tricia's son all ready to go in the mail tomorrow to get to her in time for the holidays.

Stencil Portrait - Tricia's son

I really love how many people ordered the stencil portraits as holiday gifts. It makes me feel all warm and cheery to be even a small part of someone's present. I really really love giving gifts. I mean, obviously I love getting them too, and there have been many times when Misha just busts some perfect thing out of nowhere - but there is something about thinking deeply about the needs and wants of someone else and then trying to match their style and desire that I really enjoy. Though some of that deliberation has taken a bit of a backseat now that Lara isn't really shopping-compatible.

Speaking of matching someone's style, I bought myself a little holiday gift as well: this porcelain Cat Girl necklace made by Kata Golda from the Twig shop.

Cat Girl Porcelain Necklace by Kata Golda

How cute is everything in that store? Ridiculous. I am now a little bit obsessed with this bauble, probably because I so rarely buy frivolous things for myself. I wore it this weekend to a super fantabulous party at my friend Caitlin's house, and darned if it didn't up the fun level! Ok, ok, what actually upped the fun level was the surprisingly tense game of full contact Trivial Pursuit, completely with championship bracket. Or maybe it was the amazing food. But most likely just the thrill of staying up past my bedtime with friends whom I never get to see and with whom time flies in a whirl of laughter. I love you guys!

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Caitlin said...

I am famous!!! I made your blog! :)

We are so happy that you could come and I did notice your beautiful bauble on Saturday - it is quite festive and fun. We have to get together again soon - we have such a good time.

See you soon!