December 16, 2007

More fishies

Another really fun trip this morning to the Camden Aquarium... or rather the Adventure Aquarium as it's now called, after its new and improved super-duper enspiffening. Sadly we didn't get a picture of Lara's favorite hippos, but here are some poorly lit action shots.

I love this one because of the little bonus Lara in the reflection on the glass. She's smiling at those tiny purple fishies!

I have to admit, we reached my disgust threshold today. I'm no animal lover on a good day, and all day looking at these crazy things started to really make my skin crawl by the end. I mean, look at that ridiculous lobster thing! Yuck!


susan said...

The purple fish look like Royal Grammas.

How fun to have an aquarium so close, though I know what you mean about the lobster.

mwg said...

I loved the picture with the reflection. This one and a couple of others feel 3-dimensional - because of the reflection and the water you can almost touch.

Linda said...

Love the picture of Lara looking at the fishes and Misha looking at Lara. Thank you for sharing these glimpses of your family.