December 3, 2007

New Portraits and a Mild Disaster

These came out great! If I dare say so myself... ahem. My camera can't seem to catch the colors exactly right, and noodling around Photoshop didn't work this time. The purple is lighter in real life and the green is more faded.

Karen's beautiful daughter

Stencil Portrait - Karen's daughter

Chantelle's peacefully sleeping niece

Stencil Portrait - Chantelle's niece

I finished these today, and then disaster struck in the form of my computer eating the entire folder of these stencils, their originals, and everything in between. Gargh! I was thinking about calling Geek Squad if only because of their charming commercials... but maybe I'll just plot along for now. I do at least have pictures of all the finished pieces. And to think that I used to be an IT developer and consultant! Now I feel like a grade-A moron (scroll about halfway down the page to the Meat Council movie) about these things.

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