November 13, 2007

Still Life with Ironing Board

A quick update on our green(er) living. It's amazing how quickly you can get used to any new living pattern, just as long as you force yourself to do it for a couple of weeks. It just becomes second nature after that. We are sticking to all the things we worked on so far, and also:

Still Life with Iron

No more dry cleaning. We actually had a lot of it, because of how dressed up Misha has to be for work. But from now on, it's all about the trusty iron my mom gave us. I love that thing, but it also terrifies me, so all ironing is done strictly when Lara is asleep and then the iron is quickly spirited away to a distant shelf.

We've switched to Seventh Generation diapers, which I love, and am sort of kicking myself for not having been using this whole time.

Every Wednesday all through the winter we will be the delighted recipients of a box of farm goodies from Highland Orchards. We picked up the first box last week, and it confirmed the excellence of the decision to sign up for the farm share. We'll be kept in yummy soups for a long time to come.

Also we have signed up to get all of our electricity from wind energy. It costs a little more, and knowing that has prompted us to try to conserve energy more. I know there are issues with wind farms and birds, but I did recently hear an interview with bird advocate Scott Weidensaul, interviewed on WHYY's Radio Times, and even he admitted that well-placed wind collectors would pose minimal threat.

And finally, I'm still persisting in the Sisyphean task of trying to get the junk mail to stop, catalog by unwanted catalog. The speed with which they proliferate is kind of amazing - as soon as I cancel one, three new ones come. The key is to mandate that they do not sell or trade your name to other companies - there are apparently separate lists for one and the other. Yeesh!