November 13, 2007

More of the Little Kitchen chronicles

The love just does not stop. Thank you, thank you, so much to everyone who has featured the kitchen on your blogs, and of course to everyone who has bought instructions on building it.

Today, the kitchen (and I, to a small extent) is profiled on the Toy News page of the Atlanta NBC affiliate station, Channel 11 Alive. Thank you to Josh Roseman for a great email interview! Read the full story here.

Thank you also to the Consumerist blog, to Genial Health for featuring the kitchen in their Toymaking Fair, to the MAKE Magazine blog (they are the sister publication of CRAFT Magazine), to the Smidge handmade showcase site, and to the Turkish blog 10 Marifet. I love seeing the international flags marking my overseas blog readers when I check out my hit count. So cool!


mwg said...

I am so proud of YOU!!!

Mary Jane said...

Right on!

Fe said...

I was very glad to include you—it's such a fabulous idea:-) I noticed a lot of people following the link:-)