October 5, 2007

What I've been building

Toy Kitchen - cardboard assembled

This is coming along nicely, hopefully in time for Lara's birthday in November. Here are the cardboard sections assembled (minus the back, for which I still have to scrounge up a large piece somewhere). The countertop measures 14x30, and is 20" high; the total thing is 38" high.

I had to fairly dramatically rethink the jointures which would have been too weak the way I originally designed them... not sure I can explain what I ended up doing without some kind of complex diagram. Now all that remains is to cover it in contact paper, and create the stovetop and sinktop in the two counter sections.

Here are all the pieces separately. Lots and lots of measuring, though I have to say that I've been pretty cavalierly only measuring once before cutting, not twice. So far, so good.

Toy Kitchen - cardboard parts

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mwg said...

Nice to be privy to Anna's showroom - the creative process in progress...