October 12, 2007

Red Running Hood

Fall has finally come in full force in the last two days - from 85 to 60 in the span of a day. Yesterday this was yet another pile on the day of disaster, wall-climbing, and crazy-mommy syndrome, the highlight of which was Lara rubbing shredded cheese into the couch cushions. "What are you doing!!?!" "Ah wipe!" Ugh. Today however, a different story. After a bit of a break from the momming and the wifing (ah, Borders tea and apple crisp, you're delightful with a fistful of X-Men comics...), we went for a walk in the park. How cute is Lara's jacket? A beautiful present from Tanya and Senya for her upcoming birthday. I even got her to wear the hood for a couple of seconds.

october 12 - 1

I'm kind of in love with this picture. I love that little smirk that you can just start to see on Lara's face.

october 12 - 2

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