October 9, 2007

Aprons Galore

So last week, at the parents' meeting at Lara's preschool, her teacher mentioned that the kiddos like to have aprons when playing with the cooking toys - and of course, hearing that, I decided to make some for them.

White and blue apron for preschool

This one is made from a piece of an old tablecloth (thanks, Amy!), the front of a totebag, and a long piece I nail-creased into bias tape. (I'm impatient with the ironing and lack one of those bias-makers.) And really, truth be told, lots of the "iron the crease" instructions get the nail treatment at my house.

Next is a half-apron with a double pocket. The blue fabric has ladybugs on it, and the white fabric has frogs.

Patchwork apron for preschool 1

Here is Lara modeling it in front of the mirror.

Patchwork apron for preschool 2

The last is from a bigger piece of the same tablecloth and another self-fashioned bias piece. I made this one first, and was all set to give it to the school, but Lara has fallen in love with it and refused to take it off all day... I think we're keeping it to go with that kitchen I'm building her!

Tan apron with flowers for Lara 1

Tan apron with flowers for Lara 2


mwg said...

Lara has a ggod taste - i liked that one too the most :)

linda said...

Perfect, and your bias tape remedy is not only functional but looks fabulous. Soon we'll see Lara in "it's a good thing" mode!

Anonymous said...

Soooooooooooooo cute and adorable love it