September 11, 2007

School Days

Big day yesterday - Lara's first day of daycare. She looks so tiny but also so independent!

september 10 - 1

We started with a little celebratory muffin in a cafe nearby.

september 10 - 2

And came home to some beautiful flowers (thanks so much, Nancy and Peter!) that Lara insisted were for her. "Yaya!".

september 10 - 3

She'll be going three days a week, and yesterday was the three-hour intro. It went reasonably well - she came home trying to get us to play some game that they obviously were playing there and we couldn't at all figure out what she was trying to say. It's very strange to think that she already has a small part of her life that we don't experience with her and can't really know. Hmm... In any case, the real test will be tomorrow when she will actually know ahead of time that we are planning to leave her there.

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mwg said...

Lara, All the best and good luck!!! Good beginning!