September 13, 2007

Ace Burger

I love catching how Lara's little doings blend into each other. She was running around with those sunglasses on, then suddenly settled down to read without taking them off. "'Eading book! Gasses."

september 13

Things are zipping right along on the language front. We've got accurate plurals, semi-accurate possessives, lots and lots of gerunds, and now phrases are popping up. Love it. Today's words are "gown-ups" (as opposed to "kids" - which, I have to say by the way, hearing Lara call her peers kids is pretty hilarious, as if she is a middle aged lady), and "ace burger" ("iceberg". For a while, we had just "burger" but today Lara made it a phrase.) Also fun today was "hanging" - as in, "pickies hanging" on the wall.


mwg said...

I also love that curl so wonderfully framing her lovely face...

nancy said...

Is she the cutest? Yes! And her possessives are impressive!

Love all.
Miss all.
Gran Nan