July 20, 2007

Ok, ok, stop me if you've heard this one...

I'd like to say that a sense of humor is very important in our family, but I think in order to be precise I'd have to say that a sneering, sarcastic, highly attitudinal sense of humor is very important in our family. We're like a walking MST3K around here... well, without the hi-tech equipment, and the whole interminable imprisonment on a spaceship aspect. And, come to think of it, a team of comedy writers wouldn't hurt.

Nevertheless, I'm proud to announce that Lara has joined our merry band of mockery. Here she is performing one of her regular series of "dokes":

july 20 - 1

The rule is: come home, take off shoes, put them away, then wash hands. Lara has taken to laughing hysterically while running into the bathroom with shoes still on and climbing to the hand-washing position. Questions along the lines of "Did you take off your shoes?" are met with squeals of giggly delight.


Our new favorite is the fake-object joke:

LARA: (takes plastic jar lid and puts it on her head) Hat!

ME: Is that a hat?

LARA: (contemplative pause) NO! (giggles, then puts lid to her ear) Shone!

MISHA: Is that a phone?

LARA: (after a pause) NO! (laughs, puts lid to her nose) Nose!

ME: Is that your nose?

LARA: NO! (puts lid over her eyes) Gassss!

MISHA: Is that your sunglasses?

LARA: NO! (holds lid in her hands) Book! (laughs)

ME: It's not a book! Is it a lid?

LARA: (mild confusion)

I think by the end of the routine she's gotten so used to the misinformation that the right answer is confusing. She does this joke all day long, usually in this order. It's really hilarious. I will try to get a video of her doing it at some point.


Still, it's all well and good to tease us - but the true test is making fun of others. Today we were walking down the street past a group of slouchy teenagers when one of them trilled loudly into her cell phone "Hi!" with a valley girl twang. Lara looked at her, and then instantly did a spot-on impersonation. You may say she was just mimicking, but we claim her as our own. Nothing but pure, deserved mockery.

Of course, faced with her new success we have become classic stage parents. Behold Lara's horror as she contemplates a future of being made to constantly perform:

july 20 - 2

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MWA said...

Stop torturing the poor child :)!
(what a funny face on the last two pictures ha-ha)