July 21, 2007

Doll Clothes

A little while ago, we bought Lara a doll from the Q'ewar Project, which is a Peruvian women's collective trying to gain some economic empowerment. I first found them on Amanda Soule's beautiful blog, SouleMama.

The doll is wonderful, but came wearing traditional Andean clothing made out of fairly itchy wool (if you click the "SouleMama" link above, you can see the original outfit), and Lara wouldn't come near her. The solution? Some new clothes, made out of Lara's outgrown stuff - and now she loves her "dahl" and wants her to do everything she is doing. I hand-sewed both refashions because of their small size. So - a dress (made from the bodice of one of Lara's old dresses):

Doll's dress

and a diaper (made out of two layers of a white t-shirt and a Velcro closure from one of Lara's old hats):

Doll's diaper

* I never quite realized it, until I saw how the diaper fits, but apparently that doll is stuffed anatomically correctly.


mwa said...

This is so cool! I loved both the dress and the diaper.

lauren said...

well ok but why is this on a doll?