June 18, 2007

Less than Twelve Parsecs

When I was trying to figure out what to get Misha for father's day, I started thinking about the small paradox of being a dad. Fatherhood brings with it the need to reject (or at least shelve) the worn, familiar joys of your own childhood to take on someone else's newly developing ones. It's different - more subtle - than discarding the kid inside and becoming a serious adult. It's more that the kid inside is no longer operated by you, but by your own outside kid.

Millenium Falcon notebook (front view)

I decided, among other things, to give Misha's inside kid his own toy, since he has had to shelve quite a few childish diversions of late. I assume most little boys love Star Wars, but do all of them watch it enough times to wear out the cassette tape?

Millenium Falcon notebook (back view)

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MWG said...

Very crafty! I think that both the inner kid and the outward adult were very pleased with this very enjoyable and at the same time practical present.