June 16, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

fathers day - 1

Watching Misha and Lara playing together gives me an amazing feeling of calm happiness, of everything being right in our world, of quiet and steady joy. He becomes so focused, wrapped in her movements and noises as they read together or she climbs around him lying on the floor.

fathers day - 3

Often, on weekdays, after Misha has left for work, Lara tries to find him in the house, running from room to room yelling "Dada!" in surprise, as if expecting him to have been hiding in the next room all along waiting for her to find him. We keep the doors to the bathrooms closed, and frequently her search for daddy ends there, pointing at the closed door and asking me "Dada?" Many days after her nap we walk out to Penn's campus to meet Misha after work, and now Lara runs down the hallway to the elevator yelling "Dada!" and pointing the way forward.

fathers day - 2

Happy Dada's day!

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MWG said...

Happy Dada's Day indeed! What a joy!