May 23, 2007

Puffy Sleeves

Some more refashions for Lara:

Lara refashions - puff sleeve tee and striped shorts

1) Striped overalls from 9 months made into shorts. I really really loved the green, yellow, and grey stripes on this fabric - it's just beautiful. The original overalls were from Janie and Jack, which is a ridiculously expensive but unbelievably adorable store. I'm so glad they are getting a little more life. Now I just have to to figure out what to do with the straps!

2) Lara got a tee as a present recently that had a cute rose pattern and amazingly fit right! (Seriously, she's in the 50% percentile for her measurement so clothes should fit her exactly as marked - what gives, clothing companies?) But - a big but - the shirt had sleeves made out of pink mesh. Is it just me, or is an 18 month old maybe slightly too young to sport video vixen fashion? Anyway, I made new sleeves out of an old tee - and in the process learned to make puffy sleeves!

Puff sleeve detail

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Penny said...

I love this refashion! Very cute.