May 11, 2007

The Distance Between Us

For Mother's Day, my mom is moving to Moscow. Seriously, she's actually flying tomorrow. I thought she was far away when she was in Germany, but this is really getting ridiculous. It's heartbreaking for me to think about Lara growing up so far away from her - and so far away from all relatives in general. I grew up in the exact opposite way, in the same house as my grandparents and great-grandmother. My earliest childhood memories are of my great-grandmother reading me books in the morning and then making me cream of wheat. Anyway. My mom is really far away. I mean, what do you do with a time difference of eight hours?

Well, for a start you paint her this for Mother's Day, entitled "The Distance Between Us". Happy Mother's Day, mommy!

Distance Between Us

Some details of what's happening in the ocean: a flying bicycle and toothy fish.

Distance Between Us - Flying Bicycle Distance Between Us - Toothy Fish

And to explain the title, the labels on the map:

'Distance 'Distance

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