March 30, 2007


Wow, long time no blog - mostly because there's been too much life in the last few weeks. Also, because patchwork? Takes for-e-ver!

In any case, Lara's room has kind of been a blank since we moved to this apartment - mostly because she just never really used to spend any time in there, and also because her early toys seemed very overwhelming to me and I didn't want to crowd the plate. But now she is 17 (!) months old, and we are slowly trying to add to her room. I'll post pictures as I work on it, but here are a few tidbits so far.

A patchwork pillow, made out of some of her old clothes that I couldn't bare to part with. Can you see the little pockets on two of the squares? I tried to make room for small treasures in the future. The back is just linen with stippled buttons.

Patchwork pillow for Lara's room

Pillow back

Also, a patchwork wall. The letters are gifts from Anthropologie from two dear friends, and the hanger is from there as well. Misha painted the watercolor pig on the top right, and his sister Alexis painted the little elephant on the left and printed the turquoise Piglet at the bottom.

Lara's name wall

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