February 16, 2007

Secret Cuteness

Misha has been saying for a while that he needs a camera case for work - otherwise, his camera just mashes around in his coat pocket and gets scratched. So for Valentine's day/his birthday (they are three days apart! every year there is present stress!), I decided to make him a lined camera cozy. Then it occured to me that it couldn't really be a cutesy thing, since he's a serious doctor with serious patients who trust him with their serious skin issues. So, you know, it might send the wrong message for him to suddenly pull his camera out of a furry monster or something.

Instead I made a serious case, with secret cuteness. We are the bunny family, so I made embroidered a tiny bunny family. From a distance it looks like nothing more than a serious monogram.

whipup (For the "Project" category.)


shirley said...

Love the bunnies! They're the perfect touch to the camera cozy.

Penni said...

Such tiny bunnies, so much street-cred. I love them. love the whole shebang actually.

myra said...

Wonderful! Love the bunny surprise!

picperfic said...

it looks so neat! Well done you...love those bunnies!