September 26, 2016

Picture-Perfect Weekend

So, we managed to snag the brass ring of parenting triumphs - a weekend away without the kids. And not just any weekend! We got to drive up to extraordinarily scenic Portsmouth, a lovely island town on the coast of New Hampshire, where we indulged in such completely adult activities as "not worrying about whether the fancy restaurant will have food for picky eaters" and "spending a long time browsing in the extremely fragile things store without constant panic about ill-swung arms." Reader, it was glorious.

Oh, and I'm not kidding about the picture-perfection of this place. That lighthouse? Yeah, no biggie - just a quick snap with an iPhone. I feel like we should send that photo to Apple for one of their "taken with an iPhone" billboards. Oh, and I feel completely free to pile on the praise for that particular shot. It's not really bragging if it was Mr. 42-Roads wielding the camera, right?

The highlight of the weekend may have come when we decided to order room service Saturday night. It suddenly hit me that we were basically at peak decadence: lying in bed in pajamas as a man in a dashing tuxedo brought us food on a tray. I mean, where is there to go from there? We were basically at "Beulah, peel me a grape" territory.

What memorable hedonism have you indulged in, or maybe even adapted to?

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