February 17, 2016

Happy, Happy Birthday!

My favorite person ever turns a year older today! You deserve all the happy things because you make our lives better, funnier, and more loving every single day. I love you!

The kids and I planned and strategized for the last two weeks, present-wise, to stick to my "handmade is good only in so far as it is high quality" ideal. I think we succeeded!

Jake's natural drawing tendencies seemed to a perfect match for string art.

There were numerous sketches of dragons, castles, and flames before we ended up with the perfect composition. I stained the wood block, but Jake did most of the nails and string himself, with a super helpful assist from his sister...

... who was no slouch herself in the art department, painting a super cute collage and mounting it onto a piece of birch.

I feel like she could open up her own Etsy store tomorrow.

Happy birthday!

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