January 6, 2016

What Will Dinosaurs Destroy Next?

Are you into painstakingly and meticulously arranging tiny objects? Do you find yourself with a free day that you'd like to spend uncomfortably perched over a large flat surface? Do you want to herd small children into doing something that requires the kind of extreme patience and extreme dexterity that they most likely don't possess? Do you relish the feeling of being deeply frustrated for prolonged periods of time only to experience tiny "a-ha!' moments every now and again? Then you, my friend, are just the sort of person who should be putting together jigsaw puzzles.

Luckily, we are a family of such people, and we spend our New Year's assembling this amazing 3-D version of Neuschwanstein, a replica of a castle in Bavaria built by King Ludwig II:

You know what's even more awesome? We've seen the real thing! It's built on top of a hill and thus has ridiculously beautiful views. We really caught it on the perfect day too - look at that sky.

I will say that it is hilarious to see pictures of ourselves standing next to this thing we just spent hours putting together. It's got kind of a Charlie Kaufman feel to it.

Anyway, our jigsaw castle is just like the 3D puzzle of the U.S. Capitol that was attacked by dinosaurs, which means this baby might just be the next setting for a rollicking stop-motion adventure!Until then - nice, right?

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