October 9, 2014

And a Hug Around the Neck

Do you ever suddenly feel jewelry-deprived? It's pretty high up there on the list of first world problems, I know, but still, sometimes it's nice to have empty neck syndrome be your biggest challenge in life. My solution? Just make some new stuff!

We found this beautiful piece of driftwood in California last year. What made all those whorls and perfectly rounded burrows? Some kind of insect? No idea. I took the world's tiniest drill and super-carefully made two holes and then added some tumbled turquoise chunks to balance the matte rawness of the wood. I love that it's huge but also weighs nothing.

I also took a few larger beads from my grandma Janna's very long strand of semi-polished amber and just added a piece of translucent smokey glass for balance and to pick up some of those great veined inclusions on the biggest amber bead.

Phew. Neck decoration crisis averted.

1 comment:

MWG said...

The necklaces are gorgeous! They can definitely jazz up any outfit.