September 4, 2014


One of the Lara's summer assignments was a totally open-ended book project, which at first sounded sort of overwhelming but then turned into a really fun way to pass some time together downstairs in the art room. The result? A huge and awesome multimedia diorama of a scene from Roald Dahl's "The Big Friendly Giant".

The sky is made of squares of paper died with food coloring (Lara's genius solution to the fact that we forgot to get anything blue at the craft store), the clouds are paper and pom pom balls, the ground is felt with some paper houses, the giants are Sculpey clay, the helicopters and chains are store-bought.

She made pretty much everything, with some mild parental assistance for the tiny details on the giants' faces and general "let's everyone glue these blue squares of paper down because three people will do it faster than 1".

I wish I could see her presenting it to the class!

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MWG said...

Absolutely awesome! I also wished I could be a little fly on the wall in her classroom. Lara, you did GREAT!