August 7, 2014

Big Changes

Well, it looks like the time of bunk beds has come to an end. Or rather, the time of someone sleeping in a lower bunk bed is pretty much over... because the kids are getting loft beds! This will call for a total shakeup of their room, and they are so excitedly on board with the whole "we get our own desks and don't have to share!" phenomenon.

Right now their room looks like this. And I mean, literally right now - that's right, I didn't even feel like picking the stuffed animals up off the floor (or initiating a battle to get them to do it...) before taking this picture:

But in the future, we will create an oasis of awesomeness that right now can only be suggested by my wham-bam Photoshop skills. After adding a loft bed with a built in desk for Lara, and taking the bottom bunk off the existing loft bed for Jake, we will basically be splitting their room in half visually. To add some flair, Jake wants his area to be blue and Lara opted for hers to be purple. The question then remains: what color should the rest of the walls be?



Or taupe/beige?

Right now, our money is on this nice warm gray, which I'm sure will be extremely easy to find, since from everything I hear, all gray paint is super cooperative and looks just like you would expect it to. What do you think?

1 comment:

monica said...

i like the gray, maybe with white or darker grey curtains. depnding on if you want more or less light