April 10, 2014

Piano Cozy

The digital piano lives in a nook in our bedroom that just happened to be exactly the perfect width and depth to house it. I say "digital piano" because I am the kind of snob that values all 88 keys. The black nylon covers that these things usually come with have that certain eyesore quality that no one really looks for in bedroom furnishings, so I sewed this cover for it instead:

I used some gray micro-suede and a cotton batik for the edges and piping. The piping is my own concoction. I know you're supposed to use bias-cut fabric for piping, but I figured for the straight lines here it would be okay to just use long pieces cut along the grain.

(Incidentally, for anyone who is curious, we have a Williams Allegro which has surprisingly great sound considering the price. Not the greatest piano in the world, but a perfectly workmanlike one for the kids to learn on.)

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