October 22, 2013

We Boo the Zoo

You guys. It has finally happened. The kids - of their own volition, with basically exactly zero input from me, mind you - have decided on Coordinating Halloween Costumes! OMG. Their pick? Well, take a look:

That's right - good old Red and Wolfie at your service.

For Red's trademark, I made a half-circle cloak out of crushed velvet (or rather the faux version I found at Joann Fabrics). The rest is a take on the traditional Bavarian dirndl - I made a simple skirt out of cute corduroy with a print that made me think of the Black Forest, used a regular long sleeved tee, and over it I approximated the dirndl vest by adding some ersatz "lacing" that is actually just glued on to a green tank top. The leggings and boots put the "Riding" back into the mix.

Mr. Wolf is the third incarnation of the sweatpants+sweatshirt based costume. How many years can we keep this going? We'll see. All of this one is cut and glued pieces of felt and fleece (and I'm indebted to this wolf costume for much of the face). The key I think is several different grays, and several different textures of felt. And of course, claws. Always, claws.

Oh, and are you super terrified by that eyeball wreath? Stay tuned for some details about all our spooky decorations.

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