September 14, 2013

How We Spent Our Summer Vacation: Part 3, Art All Around

A really great side effect of not going too far from home - but still being committed to go to totally new places every day for a week - is that you will uncover the awesomeness that will always keep being nearby, and will become your go-to places in the future.

Case in point: Grounds for Sculpture, a gorgeous sculpture garden only about 45 minutes from our house!

Until now, my reference point for what this kind of place might be like is Storm King in upstate New York. We've been there a couple of times (like last year, for instance), and it is ginormous and fun, but the actual artwork there really - REALLY - over-represents 2-3 artists. So there's a certain... sameness to everything as you walk around.

Grounds for Sculpture, though is so varied - and because it's smaller, so much more manageable to actually walk all the way around!

Also fun? Each sculpture is marked by the artist as either totally hands-off, or available for "gentle and respectful" touching. Because sometimes you just want to dance...

I can't wait to go back.

Next and last part of our trip? Forests, waterfalls, and boulders - oh my!

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