September 6, 2013

Floating Desk Nook

What do you do with an odd little bumpout in the corner of a room? Well, if you are me, you at first daydream about the possibilities of a quaint and charming window seat. But then you quickly come to your senses and realize there are already quite a few various reading spots all over the house and this one would not be nearly as comfy as the plop-worthy couch. And also? A second grader could really use a desk - a real desk, one that isn't primarily an art table.

After a bunch of research, you add some cleats to the wall to support the floating desk, making sure to anchor them deeply in studs on one side and masonry on the other (because your house is old and so is a mixed bag when it comes to wall materials).

Then you measure the walls and realize that not only are there no right angles, but there aren't even straight flat spaces... and so you cut your tabletop and shelves with curved sides. Then you fill the remaining gaps with some paintable caulk, which is only ever your friend.

Three coats of paint, two coats of poly, a chair, and a lamp later? You've got yourself some very happy kids all excited about their new desk nook! Here it is again:

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