July 25, 2013

Seashells By the Seashore

You know what I was thrilled to discover this summer? The kids are finally old enough to do the thing I most like to do at the beach - comb through what the tide washes ashore in search of awesome shells. Why, yes, I do happen to love activities where the idea is to sort through tiny objects obsessively - why do you ask?

Anyhoodle, this time we actually lugged our haul home, and after a finicky de-sanding job (you'll see why in a second) aided by the children's tiny fingers and sewing pins - sometimes both at once! - I used some posterboard and a curbside frame find that I spraypainted black to create a nice little display:

I was going for a modern take on that Victorian specimen display style of arranging natural objects.

I am obsessed with these hole-covered shells. What does this to them? Some kind of bacteria? They look like three-dimensional lace. So pretty.

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