May 29, 2013

And Now Jake is 4!

And our elephant themed party went off like gangbusters this weekend!

What, you ask, does an elephant party entail? Well, inside, there were elephant masks to be colored in and assembled, like so:

And outside, there was an enormous, stupendous, magnificent-if-I-dare-say-so-myself, thoroughly paintable white paper mache elephant:

Where did it come from? How was it built? Ah, that will be a story for another blog post. For now, just know that I have never before seen the level of commitment and dedication that these hilarious kids showed to making sure every single spot of white on that elephant was covered with some kind of color:

They really look like they posed for this shot, don't they? But they did not - and all the credit for all the amazing photography goes to Mr. Forty-two Roads, the designated photo journalist of all group events:

For food, bagels, fritata, and orzo salad. For dessert? Cupcakes with little elephant flags in them that Jakey and Lara put together. And I must say that the cupcakes were indeed as delicious as this face indicates:

Truth be told, Jakey spent some of the party hiding on a bench with his face down in the cushion. Here he is slowly re-emerging with the deft assistance of Nancy, who may well have had some experience with a different child who mostly wanted to spend his birthday parties rolled in a ball:

After painting the elephant, some chalk action:

Thanks for coming to my party, everyone!

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bits&pieces said...

This is such a great birthday idea and I love the paper mache elephant! Thank you for sharing!