April 10, 2013

The Dresser Finds Its Place

At first we thought we would do it ourselves. How hard could it be? We're strong - and plus we just carried it in from the Zip-truck! And come on - just three flights of stairs? It's not like it's a solid wooden piece of furniture that does not come apart in any way... oh, wait. Yes, it is.

And that was the end of the carry-the-dresser-upstairs-by-ourselves adventure. And I freely admit that I was the weak link in the scenario, and so I was the one who ended up calling the nice people at Broad Street Movers (our go-to moving company). They had dudes over within the hour and it took them... oh, I'd say all of 6 minutes to super-gently deposit the dresser where we wanted it to go.

And then I went out and bought a plant to be its friend and companion:

Oh, and summer weather = summer blanket. Yay!


Nicole said...

Don't you just hate having to pay someone to do something simply because you are not strong enough? Happened to me a couple of months ago...

And that dresser is so gorgeous. Lucky find.

Unknown said...

The decor in that room is absolutely gorgeous! The dresser is amazing, such a pretty find.

I too hate paying people to move items, it's the frugal side of me haha.