March 3, 2013

It Came From Downstairs!

Our basement remodel is officially complete! And by remodel, I mean the whole enchilada - zero to hero in just under two months. Here is the whole progression:

We started with your run of the mill terribleness. Doing laundry in the middle of this? Ugh. How clean can clothes washed in this place feel, really?

Framing goes up (check out that space to the left of the washer/dryer - that will be the new powder room):

Drywall is up! You can start to see the eventual utility area solution - a set of four sliding track doors which will leave all the stuff in there very easily accessible:

The flooring is in! We picked an awesome tile that looks like wood, and matches almost exactly the medium brown oak boards in the rest of the house. Putting that down made the craziest difference ever! Also, the baseboards and doors are installed. That whole area under the stairs is going to be one giant walk-in closet:

And now... the finished AFTER. With the addition of really nice overhead lighting (a fixture above the stairs, a faux window over the crawl space behind the stairs, and three rows of track lights hidden in the exposed joists we have arrived at the amazing transformation! Here is a walk-through:

Now we just need to throw some furniture in there (right now, the thinking is - more play space for the kids), and we will really be cooking with gas. Man, I am so totally psyched that we did this!

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Anonymous said...

This looks incredible!!! Well done!!!