January 5, 2013


We had a great winter break- the kids really had fun visiting all of our scattered family in the region, and doing family things; this week was back to school time, but Friday I left early for a little extra bit of winter break fun. We took the kids bowling for the first time! After initial apprehension ("if I drop the ball will it break me" and "where'd the ball go will it come back???") they settled in and had a blast!

We bumper bowled, which definitely helped me the most (and yet you can see I barely topped our "two handed terror", Lara, and Jake, who needed to cradle the ball in a big hug and used a ramp to roll it down), but Ms. 42roads crushed us all. I am posting the scores for posterity, and hoping they vanish into some Interweb black hole.

It was great, they really got into cheering for the ball, using wiggly body english to try to twist the ball into place, and got super psyched for spares and strikes. Jakey's favorite parts were when the electronic scoring sheet would tell the next person it was their turn, and at how the "nice robots" would clear and restock the pins. Really though, his favorite part was the balls coming back, as if by magic.

Bowling- an awesome winter activity enjoyed by all!

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mwg said...

So happy you are back in Bloggosphere! The bowling outing does look like super fun. And, of course, the kids look amazing. Very smart of you to think of going bowling - totally forgotten thing nowadays, isn't it?