November 12, 2012

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Remember this girl?

She is now 7!

And she's got the cake-dyed blue mouth to prove it:

The art-themed birthday party was fantastic. Honestly, I recommend everyone run out today and book their local art studio for their next kid party - it is the perfect combination of all-out intense creativity and then all the chaos that pizza and cake can produce. Check out all the I. M. Pei action we started with:

The cake was an art cake, of course. Under time pressure, I at first tried to buy such a cake - and did you know that they do not exist? Girls and boys have the options of: princess, football, and every branded character that can be shrunk to plastic size and plopped on top of some frosting. I went another way, with a faceted bead "paint palette" (I cut the shape out of a small frisbee), teeny tiny easel & canvas, & miniature colored pencils:

Overhead at the party:

Boy 1: (with a sigh) Is it another princess cake?
Boy 2: No, it's an art cake!

Here's how the whole thing looked:

And here is how we ate it:

We were all beaming like this for the whole rest of the day:

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