October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat!


Lions and robots were in full swing tonight. The verdict? Awesome costumes were indeed awesome.

The lion was a felt and yarn affair, with a steely eye cast in the direction of the cold weather. But it certainly emboldened a certain small boy to use a skull as a bowling ball in the "trick or treat in the office building near daycare" portion of the day:

Tagline for this one? "You shalt not pass!"

The robot, meanwhile, required a wearer made of sterner stuff. The cardboard and dryer vents were way cool, but also way stiff. This girl rocked that thing out of the park though. And why yes, those lights on it really do light up (they are the push-on kind meant for closets).

The obligatory back view:

And one more glorious shot of the whole thing. Check out the clever way I disguised the tape that holds it together as beams and rivets (I just went along the edges with an awl, punching little holes).

I must say it is my Halloween magnum opus... so far. And now, to dream of next year.


Antonio said...

No scarecrow?
PS: great costumes!

Amber @ The Cardboard Collective said...

This is fantastic! You have to join our cardboard costume challenge next year! Particularly since you are the queen of the cardboard kitchen set! http://thecardboardcollective.com/cardboard-costume-challenge/