May 20, 2012

And Now We are 3

A Hippo Birdie to Jakey! We had a lovely little garden party for our tiny/not-so-tiny/but-still-really-quite-small-when-you-think-about-it boy. The theme? All hippos, all the time. They are Jakey's favorite animal to the nth degree. We have to drag him away from the hippo habitat at the zoo, where he stares for what seems like hours at the giant things while they... do nothing at all. I mean, they just sit in the water, right? Maybe an ear flicks every now and again? And he is beyond fascinated.

Anyway, our hippo party featured headbands with hippo ears:

Stick-your-face-in-the-hole picture taking things:

An under-water themed obstacle course with a limbo bar, balance beam, and a bunch of hula hoops to climb through. Yes, that's right, we literally made these kids jump through hoops for our own amusement.... although we don't seem to have any pictures of them doing it. Instead, here are Misha and Sam, demonstrating the awesome:

And of course, no party would be complete without an appropriately coordinated set of desserts! In this case, a hippo pinata filled with chocolate, hippo cookies (with googly eyes!), and a cake with a crazy awesome topper that I found in the wonderland that is Amazon:

Another shot of the cake, because, hello, it totally rocked:

All in all, a wonderful day of celebration for everyone!

And hey, check out this great photo of us that Lara took before the shindig started!

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Mbw said...

Happy Birthday to our favorite little"big boy"! What an awesome day with so many amazing things you guys made. The cake alone takes the first prize. And what about those cutouts -wow! Great job, wonderful parents!