March 14, 2012

In the Back Yard

Are you lucky enough to be enjoying magical weather this past week? Welcome to the club. I am right now sitting in our back yard in a tshirt (!), soaking up the ambiance of spring and warmth and sunlight and happiness. This the first time I've seen what early spring looks like here. First impressions? Big fan.

The beautiful magnolia tree is in full bloom and I love the effect of those giant mauve and white ombre flowers against the sky, especially in contrast with the back-lit branches.

There also one blooming narcissus. Does the fact that there are other daffodil stalks but no other flowers mean better luck next time? Or could the others potentially still sprout?

Little clouds of swarming bugs around the bushes mean friendly visitors of another variety. This guy hung out on that perch for a half hour or so, just lazily picking them out of the air with his beak.

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