February 22, 2012

"Feed the birds and what have you got? Fat birds."

Or at least that's what all those repeat viewings of Mary Poppins taught us, so we decided to see for ourselves.

What do you get when you combine a toilet paper roll, some peanut butter, and a bunch of bird seed on a cookie sheet?

A completely eco-friendly bird feeder!

Jakey mostly helped by staying out of the way after his initial excitement about this project was dispelled by a teeny tiny glop of peanut butter landing on his finger. But, he did help us go outside and put the feeders up.

We threaded them onto the branches of one of the trees in the back yard, all excited to watch the birds fatten themselves up. Ten minutes later, two of these were entirely denuded of all bird seed... by squirrels, which came back another ten minutes later to finish the job. What should we have done differently?


Anonymous said...

THAT is an age old question...
Found you via Pinterest, btw. Hello!

I wish that I could remember specifically which post it was, though.

Neat idea, this. We have a suet hanger out back, but I haven't been able to bring myself to fill. Besides, I think we have had one wintery day this year. Yay, La Nina and the South.

Institute for Internet Safety said...

I never tried like this cute girl is doing, it's quite fun just by looking the pictures. I'm sure the animals are so happy with the food provided to them. God bless!