December 6, 2011

Deep Thoughts

Cosmology according to Jakey, walking to school with Misha:
J: Where's the moon?
M: Behind the clouds, and on the other side of the globe of earth.
J: Where's the globe?
M: We live on it, it's all of this!
J: No, Guyguy* lives in the globe, daddy.

Philosophizing with Lara:
What if we were people who lived in a coloring book and had to wait for someone to color us in?
What if octopi had bones?

* Guyguy is a Jakey-ism for Gaia, the earth from Greek mythology. He loves the picture of her in the D'Aulaires book.


Michelle Gordon said...

These are some interesting thoughts to be having at such a young age. Its always fun to see brains at work , but gotta remember to have a good nights sleep which is made better with a nice nights rest on a latex mattress

Wendy in Oz said...

What gorgeous kids ... cute in bokth looks & mind! :)

Institute for Internet Safety said...

They are so adorable. They do act like a grown up individuals. So cute! You are so lucky having them. God bless you all!