October 23, 2011

Heroes of the Emerald Vale

And, lo, there came a day when the valiant Lady Lionheart knew that her next adventure would require the aid of her most trusted cohort. So she sent word far and wide, for who could know where in the known world her ally wandered?

At last the message found its way, and at once brave Sir Sharksbane ended his peregrinations to meet his oldest companion.

Their reunion was joyous for as they looked each other full in the face, they recalled many a campaign past where their staunch friendship oft saved the day.

It did not take long for the two to agree to set forth together.

Though the journey was arduous, they did not lose spirit. On foot, they traversed the land, marveling at bounty of nature around them and the many wild and monstrous animals in their path.

Still, they could not persevere unmounted for even their travel-hardened limbs at long last grew weary. With luck, they found an able squire to tend to their dusty armor...

... and an experienced groom whose stabled creatures would gladly bear their weight. Onward to the next part of the journey!

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