September 11, 2011


It's sometimes harder for me to try to imagine the whole sibling thing from Jakey's point of view. I'm an only child with a few younger cousins - it's just a slightly less imagination-reliant leap to get at least some part of what Lara's experience is like. But what does it feel like to never have been the only kid in a family? To have always existed near another like you, but not quite you, but certainly more like you than anyone else you'll meet for a long time?

Last week, on the second day of kindergarten, Lara and I dropped off Jakey first. We walked him out to his little daycare playground, I said good-bye, and he toddled off to play... until he turned around and realized that she was leaving with me and not staying there with him. He was not happy. "Where's Wawa going? But I miss 'er!"

All of which is to abruptly say, changing suddenly both the tone and subject, which of these pictures do you like best? Because I am not sure this kind of happiness at seeing each other at the end of the school day is necessarily going to repeat itself forever.


carol said...

Delurking to say, "They're all three cute, but #2 is just great!" I also have two: one 3 years and the other 1 year. And I, too, treasure the fleeting moments of sibling togetherness, knowing that they're a gift!

Linda said...

I'm opting for #2 as well, a flash of brotherly adoration/sister love.