August 4, 2011

Rocking Out

To the delight of all, the arboretum is yet again doing its annual series of kid music concerts! We had a total blast as we joined the crowd of... well, dozens, I guess... to boogie to the fun sounds of the most instruction-oriented band I've ever seen. Seriously, they had every single bar of every song choreographed, and kept aggressively urging for everyone to dance in a very specific way.

Were Lara and Jakey feeling the aggressive instruction? Not so much. It's not like we're raising them to be such huge iconoclasts or anything, but both of them have always had a healthy skepticism of groupthink. Here, Lara dances to a song in which it was imperative to "Get up! Everyone up! Now jump three times! Clap four times! Hands on your head! Jump two times!":

And here is Jakey before and after the band leader demanded for everyone to form groups of "one, two, or more family groups! Come on, hold hands!". He mostly danced at a safe distance of at least 10 feet from his core family group.

But still, when the guy yelled out, "Anyone with babies, hold them tight!", Lara happily exclaimed, "I have a baby!" and ran over to hug him. Love it.