June 25, 2011

In the Back Yard

Part of the reason we fell in love with this house is the glorious outdoor space. It's not as giant as in our rental last year, but it's adorable and cozy, just like the rest of this place. Every day now involves a hearty dose of "back-ard" as Jakey calls it.

Curious what's up the stairs?

Oh, and - no post would be complete without a craft! Yes, that's right, I guess that means most of my posts are incomplete. But behold - I built the kids a water play table by screwing a couple of under-bed drawers to a plastic kids table from IKEA (it's key to get drawers with lids so you can close up shop after playing - otherwise these things are mosquito heaven). This came after a failed attempt to glue the drawers on with Epoxy, which failed to adhere. I then caulked around the screws to avoid rust. So fun in the heat!