April 22, 2011

Lunch at the Kimmel

We had a totally great little visit to the Kimmel Center for their International Festival lunchtime concert series. The Eiffel Tower looks really great - even though we didn't get to see it lit up - and the moving trains, blimps, and airplanes were a huge hit with the small people, even if they remained unconvinced that the old-timey biplanes were actually planes and not helicopters (but what about that giant propeller!). Added bonus - we managed to sneakily evade a well-meaning but strict docent and make our way to the rooftop garden to check out the suspended vehicles from up close - definitely worth it.

During the concert, Jakey plopped himself down on a patch of carpet, clapped avidly in between songs, and talked loudly during the actual music.

Lara, meanwhile, was so embarrassed about his uncouth conduct that she went off by herself to listen in peace. She has a really high threshold for the proper amount of respect that needs to be shown to performers. It's kind of great, actually - we just went to see "Mary Poppins", and she shushed my whispered, "Do you like it?"

Back at home, there was a new sheriff in town, however. Oh, and the open mouth? He's yelling "Lara! Laraaaaaa!"


WYSIWYG said...

Love the cowboy hats! And the idea for the awesome outing. Audience etiquette rules are impressive too--your children are aware of more than some others much older, perhaps!? :-).

mwg said...

sounds like a great day with a concert bonus. It's great to share the fun with you through the pictures.